Everlasting Father One-a-Day Thursday 12/31/20

A life worthy

Everlasting Father,  (Isaiah 9:6).

I hope you have a great dad.  

I do.

I hope he is loving and strong and gentle and a daily blessing to your life.  I hope this, not only to make those family dinners a little less awkward, but because it will give you a better picture of God. You see, God presents himself to us in many ways through Scripture, but the one that hangs most people up is the image of a father.  It can be difficult to see God as loving and caring if your earthly father is cold, distant, abusive, or absent altogether.

Look, I’m not gonna climb up into your psyche here, but I need to point something out.  Whatever your earthly dad does well, your heavenly dad does even better. Wherever your earthly dad messes up, your heavenly dad gets it right.  God will always be there to cheer you when you win, and comfort you when you lose. His advice will always be perfect, and his discipline will always be just. He will come to all your ball games, all your dance recitals, all your spelling bees. He will be there at the hospital bed and at the wedding altar.

From the end of the year to the end of all things

He will always love you.

Always, as in Everlasting.

Walk in his love today, Beloved.

Happy Thursday

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