Thanksgiving for the Dad-Man

Thanksgiving Dad ManThanksgiving for the Dad-Man!

A homily for the Holyday!

Thanksgiving for the Dad-Man takes you off the couch and into the leadership role God intended for you! (See, you knew the wife would like this!)

Take a look and you will find a touch of Bird knowledge, a bit of pre-Colonial history, and devotionals intended to make your Thanksgiving celebration more meaningful than your average football-and-pie fest.

Lead your loved ones through a Thanksgiving advent that will not only increase your knowledge and appreciation of the holy day, (particularly if you’re woefully ignorant!),  but also enhance the culinary experience.

Buy it now for the Dad in your life!  Or buy it for yourself–I won’t mind!

Download the PDF for only $5.99


Get the Kindle version here for only $2.99!

Thanks, and have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!



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