One-a-Day Tuesday, 2/25/14

number 1For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son that he might be the firstborn among many brothers (Romans 8:29).

Free will vs. Predestination…do you really think that I’m going to attack that in a two-minute devotional?

O.K., real quick…

It’s both.

We have 100% free will, and God 100% predestined us to come to him.  Call it “God Math.”

The best illustration I have seen of the concept goes like this: picture a sheet of paper—just your basic computer paper.  If I told you that I could fold that paper so that it was a triangle and a circle—at the same time—you would probably think I was nutty.

Because you would be thinking in two dimensions.

But I’m thinking in three.

See, in three dimensions I can fold that paper into a cone, which will look like a circle from one angle and a triangle from another angle.  Add a dimension, and the impossible becomes simple.

We operate in a three-dimensional world—well, four counting time.

How many dimensions do you think God operates in?

So let’s not get caught up in if or how predestination works.  Let’s focus on the fact that you were called, not to be a slave, not even to be a servant, but to be a son of God, brother or sister to the firstborn among many brothers.

That there’s enough to chew on for a Tuesday.


One-a-Day Tuesday, 2/25/14 — 2 Comments

  1. I like the ‘triangular circle’ illustration — something with an intriguing ‘flavor’ to chew on. Surprising to me that I had not heard it before.

    There a few others regarding God and Time that I have also found interesting which I could share w/you sometime.

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