Hear it Again One-a-Day Friday  6/14/24

A life worthy

It is no trouble for me to write the same things to you again, and it is a safeguard for you (Philippians 3:1).

I almost skipped over this line, as I often skim past it when I am reading this passage. It just seems like filler, a transition to get us into the next section of the letter. Then I realized something.

This line is gold.

This line is at the very heart of wisdom.

As a teacher, I know that students need to hear something multiple times before it sinks in.  They can read it, hear it from me, discuss it with a partner, watch it in a video, and still be completely clueless on tomorrow’s quiz.  A standard teacher mantra is It never hurts ‘em to hear it again.  In this respect, you and I are no different from the twelve-year-olds in my classroom.

We need to read it again

Hear it again

See it again

Experience it again

Pray it again

before it really sinks in.  

So, as you finish off your week, don’t shy away from the lessons you think you’ve already learned.  That leads to pride, and we know where that road takes us. Instead, embrace the wisdom like the friend that it is.

It never hurts us to hear it again.

Happy Friday, Beloved.

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