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Here we go again….

My daughter is a drama queen…and I mean that in the nicest sense of the word.  Carissa has always loved to be on stage, and frankly, she’s not half bad, so I wasn’t surprised last summer when she landed a part in a local production of The Sound of Music.  We got to be in the show together.  It was an amazing, fantastic, inspiring experience for both of us, and it sucked up our entire summer.

When the Daughter of My Heart requested the chance to audition for Miracle on 34th Street, the theater’s Christmas show, I have to tell you, my first thought was, “It’s going to suck up the entire holiday season!”  So, being the wise father that I am, I turned to the Wife of my Youth and said, “Tag.  You’re it.”  My bride is wonderful, and obviously loves our daughter more than I.  She agreed to audition with Carissa.  Success.  I now have two drama queens in the house, and this is going to suck up the entire holiday season.

In some families, life seems to revolve around the kids’ activities.  All their free time is filled with child busiosity.

“Oh, we can’t this weekend.  Kenny has a tournament in Phoenix.”

“No, Thursday night is when Susie’s glockenspiel troupe rehearses.”

“I’d love to, but we’ll be in Pacoima.  Jordan made the district heely finals.”

I am determined that we will not end up like that.  That’s one of the main reasons Cathy and I decided to homeschool—we wanted to live life as a family, not just as a bunch of people who happen to sleep in the same house.  But man, is it tough, and it only gets tougher as the younguns get older.  We could easily have something every night of the week…and they would all be good, Godly things.  OK, so Roller Derby Thursday isn’t exactly edifying, but still…

On the one hand, the kids are growing up, and need to be using the gifts and talents that God has given them.  Carissa loves to act, and she has grown in her relationship with Christ through her time with this theater.  Growing in Christ is good.

On the other hand, we won’t have them with us forever (don’t tell my wife that).  One day they will be on their own—I don’t want to share them until I have to.  Sharing is bad—and Barney can stuff it.

On the one foot, homeschoolers need outside sources of socialization, since they aren’t around other kids every day.  Making new friends is good.

On the other foot, this is going to suck up the entire holiday season.

I’m out of appendages.  Here’s the plan:

1. The girls will do the play, and have wonderful Mother-Daughter bonding time.

2. Alec and I will have Father-Son-Get-It-Done time, spending many useful hours grunting, spitting, and completing man projects.

3. When the show is over, we go on a family camping trip, just to get reacquainted.

4. The next show we do, we do as an entire family.

OK, I can do this. I can share my girls.  For a little while.

Still, this is going to suck up the entire holiday season.

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