Annointing One-a-Day Thursday 8/12/21

A life worthy

You anoint my head with oil… (Psalm 23:5).

You will be the honored guest.

In Bible times, the honored guest had oil poured on his head to signify the esteem in which he was held. 

Seems an odd way of showing respect, but there you go.

There are other kinds of anointing. For example, shepherds would anoint their sheep, pouring oil on the animals’ heads to prevent fly larvae from burrowing into the skin. So one could say, if one were so inclined, that this passage indicates God’s willingness to care for David, by, you know, keeping the maggots away.

There’s a picture for you.

I’m pretty sure that David was going for the first image. Still, whether the anointing is for honoring, or healing, or rejoicing, the Lord of the Universe has singled out David, and by extension us, for his care and attention.

Pretty amazing, when you think of it.

So think of it.

Happy Thursday, Beloved

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