Anchor One-a-Day Tuesday 9/3/19

A life worthy

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure (Hebrews 6:19).

Go with the flow.

Drift with the tide.

Float wherever the breeze may take you.

Uh, no thanks.

Ships that drift are not happy ships.  They have an awkward tendency to bump into things like rocks and reefs and other ships, with unfortunate results.  Ships need guidance and direction and, when it’s time to rest, an anchor to hold them secure.

Yesterday we talked about hope.  As you looked at the things your heart aches for you may have seen all kinds of desires: physical healing, financial security, marriage, children, a loved one coming to Christ.  These are all worthy desires, but none will keep you from drifting, because none is guaranteed. An anchor must be a sure thing, solid and unmoving.

Like Christ.

Our hope in Christ is unlike any other hope, because it cannot fail to come to fruition.  Frankly, there is no guarantee that the other hopes we have talked about will ever come to pass.  I would love it if you were healed, or got married, or became wealthy, but nobody has promised you those things—at least, nobody with the power to make them happen.  But Jesus has promised you some pretty powerful things. He has promised to love you forever. He has promised that you are his, wholly and completely. He has promised to be with you, now and always.

Jesus is not the God of Maybe.

He is the great I Am.

So don’t drift through your day, Beloved.  Set your anchor and let your soul rest.

Happy Tuesday

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