Pig Pearls One-a-Day Friday 12/18/20

A life worthy

Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs.  If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces (Matthew 7:6).

Well, there go my plans for the weekend.

So, the basic interpretation of this metaphor is: Don’t give the Gospel to those who aren’t in a position to receive it.

Wowzers.  Jesus just got finished warning us about judging people, and yet this sounds pretty judgmental.  Are we really supposed to decide who deserves the Word and who doesn’t?

Perhaps it’s less a question of judgement and condemnation than of stewardship.  God has entrusted us with the priceless treasure of his truth, and while that truth may be unlimited, our time, our energy, our strength is not.  We can’t preach the Word every hour of every day. So, we need to perform a little spiritual triage. We must use the wisdom and discernment God has given us to determine who is in a place to receive the Gospel and who is not. If someone is being openly hostile and argumentative, it is probably not the best time to hit them with the Four Spiritual Laws.  Maybe you hit them with a chair first; then when they’re calm you hit them with the Gospel.

OK, I know Jesus never said to hit anyone with a chair; I’m just…expounding.

Spread the Word today, Beloved.  But spread it wisely.

Happy Friday


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  1. Thank you. Usually people will tell you “I don’t want to hear it.” We just need to keep praying for them and live the best life we can in front of them. Though don’t be surprised if they only see our mistakes.

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