One a Day Thursday, 9/10/15


number 1But our citizenship is in Heaven… (Philippians 3:20).

I did a bit of travelling in my pre-geezer days.  I remember the feeling of being all alone in a foreign country.  It was exciting, but unsettling.  I didn’t understand the language, the customs, the road signs–I was out of my element.  Wherever I went, I made it obvious in a thousand little ways that this was not my home, that I did not belong.  I kept my passport securely tucked in my fanny pack–no judging, please–and checked it frequently. That passport was my lifeline, my link to home, my protection should things go awry in this strange, sometimes unfriendly land.

That’s us, isn’t it?  

I mean, if you feel out of place, it’s because you are.  

You should feel different.  

You should be different.

You are not a citizen here.

Neither are you a tourist.

You are an ambassador.  

So grab your fanny pack and go…ambassad.

Happy Thursday, Beloved.

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