Advice One-a-Day Wednesday 1/20/21

A life worthy

But everyone who hears these words of mine but does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand (Matthew 7:26).

…but does not put them into practice…

Wouldn’t wanna let that slip by, would we?

It’s the end of the semester.  A twelve-year-old student stands in front of me, eyes rimmed with panic, and asks, “What can I, like, do to, like, you know, like, raise my grade?”

“Easy,” I respond.  “Build a time machine, travel back a few months, and do the things I told you to do then.”

I have a tendency toward sarcasm.  It’s not always helpful.

As a teacher and a father and a brother and a friend I’ve dispensed a load of advice over the years.  Most of it solid. Much of it ignored. There are few things as frustrating as handing someone the solution to their problem, wrapped up with a metaphorical bow, and then see them walk away and toss it in the metaphorical trash can.  You know the feeling, because you’ve been there yourself.

I’ve also received plenty of excellent advice over the years, much of which I’ve ignored.  That’s not nearly as satisfying to talk about, however, so I’m not going to.

Good, godly advice is a treasure not to be wasted.  And there is no gooder, godlier advice than that which comes from our good God. His words are life; what say we live them today, ya?

Happy Wednesday, Beloved.

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