Food Wars

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I like food.

Really, I’m a big fan.  I like meat, and potatoes, and rice, and veggies (for the most part), and fruit, and bread, and grease, and ooey gooey yummy sticky chocolaty stuff.

Mexican food? Oh, yeah.  Italian?  Chinese? Bring it on.  Sausages full of secrets from around the world—and around the pig?  Make it so, brother.

I’m not a sushi fan—I’ll admit to that.  Squid is a “No,” as is any sort of snailish creature.  And once when I was in China I was served a soup with both halves of a very dead pigeon bobbing in it—seriously creeped me out. Continue reading


question markWhy do I do what I do when I do what I do?

I like that… sounds kinda catchy.

Yesterday morning, I got up an hour early so that I could write a post.  I have been really sketchy in my posting over the last few weeks, what with getting the Easter book done and all.

What?  You don’t know about the Easter book? Where have you been, Man?

Go, Go, Go.

To continue…

Yesterday morning, I got up an hour early so that I could write a post.  I have been really sketchy in my posting over the last few weeks, what with getting the Easter book done and all.  As I dragged my sleepy carcass down the stairs, I saw that the kitchen was a nightmare. Continue reading

Beyond the Bunny

ww4cac-1It’s here!

It’s done!!


Sorry if that seems a bit over-exuberant, but I’m feelin’ pretty spiffy.  My new ebook, Easter: Beyond the Bunny is up at Amazon and ready for you to procure and peruse.  For the next 48 hours (that would be until Wednesday the 6th at 11:59 P.M.) it is absolutely free!  Just click here, download, and enjoy.

What?  You want to know what the book is about?  My, but you are a discriminating shopper.  Let me give you a bit of the introduction from the book—maybe it’ll give you a feel for the thing.

Easter is not, traditionally, a manly holiday.  You think Easter, you think colored eggs, baskets full of fake grass, baby chicks, a bonnet with frills upon it, and, of course, fluffy Mr. Bunny.

What could there possibly be in Easter for the Manly Man?  How does the Dad Man lead his family through it, except by gritting his teeth, planting a cheesy grin on his face, and donning pastel for the one and only time during the year? 

Oh, my friend, have I got news for you…

You see, pop culture presents us with a picture of Easter that is pathetic.  Seriously, what man worth his salt would have anything to do with the fluffy, froo-froo chocolate-egg world of American Easter?

O.K., the chocolate eggs are really, really good.  Particularly the Cadbury eggs.  Everything else has got to go.

What I’m trying to do with this book is give dads out there a tool that they can use to lead their families through this holiday season.  Frankly, too often men are passive when it comes to spiritual leadership in the family, yet God has given the role to us as a privilege and a duty. But how should he lead?  I mean, what are you supposed to do?

Easter: Beyond the Bunny provides eight days (starting Palm Sunday and culminating on Easter) of Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah (I even explain what the word means), New Testament scriptures showing how those prophecies were fulfilled, and questions that Dad (or Mom, or anyone) can use to lead discussions about Easter.  It’s all designed to make you the Family Devotions Master.  There are also activities to keep the little ones involved, and recipes for a simple Easter brunch—anyone can be a kitchen hero.  And did I mention that it’s free for the next two days?

And you’re waiting because…

Click here.  You know you need to…

A Sinful, Broken World

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Note: Sometimes life just isn’t funny.

This isn’t a political blog, nor is it a “What’s new in the news?” blog.  It’s a blog about life, and about my struggle to live what Paul called, “A life worthy of the calling you have received.” Still, sometimes things happen in this world that not only need to be addressed, but that directly impact my quest.  So we talk about them. Continue reading

Call Me Cordelia


Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

This time, it’s a family adventure.  Of sorts.

If you’ve been reading for a while (bless you) you know that my family has gotten somewhat involved with a local community theater.  Carissa and I were part of their production of The Sound of Music, which sucked up our whole summer, and Carissa and Cathy got to be in Miracle on 34th Street, which sucked up our entire holiday season.  Alec and Carissa are learning to do tech, and, well, let’s just say the drive to the theater has become quite familiar.

Now cometh Anne of Green Gables, Continue reading

Plague Boy


There’s no use denying it—I am what I am.  For the last few days, I have hardly stirred from my big green chair.  I have slept, eaten, napped, read junk novels, snoozed, scrolled aimlessly through Facebook, slumbered, and slept.

I’ve been sick.

There are no spectacular symptoms I can point you to.  No raging fever, no projectile vomiting, no delirium—at least, none that I’ve noticed. I’m not bleeding, either internally or externally.  Neither pox nor pustules are in ready evidence.  I’m just totally wiped out.

Frankly, I almost wish I had some better symptoms. Continue reading

More On Dating

The Dating Game

Boy, that title could be problematic if you’re not careful…

As I was saying last Friday, Cathy and I have had some interesting dates in our time.


Kids and work and debt and mortgages and plain old inertia seem to have robbed us of something.  We don’t date anymore.  Oh, we go out to eat sometimes, if we have a coupon, Continue reading

Dates, Dumps, and Danger

Dumping Garbage at Croton Landfill Operation 0...

This place is a dump.

No, really.

I remember my first real date with Cathy.  It was the perfect evening.  We had dinner together at an exotic restaurant, then went for a romantic walk down a secluded woodland path.  We strolled along together, just the two of us, getting used to the feeling of her hand in mine and matching the length of our strides to each other’s.  We walked quietly, enjoying the excitement of love a’blossoming, drinking in the sounds of birds singing and the smell of—

Wait a minute.

What is that smell? Continue reading