One-a-Day Wednesday, 7/9/14

number 1…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).

You’re not who you want to be.

I get that—neither am I.

That “not being who you want to be” business, yeah, that causes stress.

I get that, too.

And frankly, if it were up to you to become the strong, caring, mature child of God that you want to be, I’d tell you to pack it in.  It ain’t gonna happen, my friend.

But it’s not up to you.

Hear that, Beloved.  It is not up to you.

You are in the hands and heart of your creator, and he is an artist without compare.

I have heard that great sculptors can look at a block of stone or wood or clay and see the finished work before they even begin.  It’s like that with God.  He looks at you—lumpy blob of clay that you are—and he sees a work of such beauty, such grace, such power that it will bring tears to the eyes.  All he needs is a little time to bring the beauty from the blob.  He will not forget you.  He will not get bored with you and wander off to watch TV or make nachos.  He will stick with you until his vision is realized, until you are complete.

So don’t stress because you’re not “there” yet.  You don’t even know where “there” is.  Just let God keep doing what he’s doing.

Because what he’s doing is fantastic.

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