God of Peace Tuesday 6/29/21

A life worthy

And the God of peace will be with you (Philippians 4:9).

The struggle is real.

And…you’re not alone.

I am so thankful for this verse.  When I read about all I’m supposed to do and be, and realize how inadequate to the task I am…oy ve.  It can be so disheartening. And I must not be alone, because God takes a moment, just after this intense passage, just when I am most frustrated with myself and feeling like I’ll never ever no way no how ever be able to do this man of God thing, to remind me that He is with me.

The God of peace.

Not the God of strength, not in this moment, because he knows that what I need right now is a deep breath, a slowed pulse, and a reminder that He’s got me, and that He’s still at work in me.

I need peace.

And He is the source.

Be all that your Lord has called you to be today, Beloved.

And when you fail, remember that the God of peace is with you.

Happy Tuesday.

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