Fear One-a-Day Tuesday 10/19/21

A life worthy

Who, then, is the man who fears the Lord? God will instruct him in the way chosen for him (Psalm 25:12).

Fear can be a good thing.

In our culture, we act like fear is something to be avoided at all costs.  Maybe it’s our rebellious, pioneer, Westward Ho! roots.

Perhaps we just don’t understand the healthy side of fear.

Fear is an acknowledgment that something is beyond our scope, beyond our ability to command.  It doesn’t have to be blind, cowering terror; it’s more a healthy respect for power. I fear lethal doses of nuclear radiation.  I fear rabid dogs. I fear really bad haircuts—as a middle-school teacher, this is by far the most dangerous of the three.

I fear God.

But I am not afraid of God.

Of course, nonbelievers have every reason to be afraid; indeed they’re foolish not to be, when considering the consequences of an eternity without Christ.

But I believe.  My name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

I fear God’s power, because I know that he could erase me with a thought.

I am not afraid, because I know he won’t.

He has given us many promises that we who are his are his forever.  Still, that power is there, and he has no qualms about using it to keep me in line should I stray.

Which makes me want to stay very close to him.

And that, Beloved, is the beginning of knowing him.

Fear him today.

But do not be afraid.

Happy Tuesday, Beloved.


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