Change of Direction

road signAs you may have noticed, my posting is a bit…sporadic.  My intent is to post twice per week, but it never seems to work out that way.  Call it crazy life, or ineptitudalosity on my part; it is what it is.  So, I’m going in a new direction, and I hope you will come along for the ride.  I am going to post six days per week.

Counterintuitive, huh?

Here’s the plan:  Monday through Friday I am going to post a daily Scripture verse, with a short commentary.  I’m talking short—just enough to give you something to chew on as you move through your day.  It’s called One-a-Day, and I hope you find it worthwhile.  On Saturday, I will post a normal—if you can call it that—post.

We’ll see how this works.

By the way, if you look to the left side of your screen you may see a truly hideous orange tab labeled “Newsletter Signup.” I don’t have a newsletter, and the button does not seem to be connected to anything, so do your best to ignore it. I’m trying to get a “Subscribe” list up and running, so that readers can get an email notification when there are new posts.  But, since I’m going to be posting six times per week, you can just save time and set this as your home page!

So, come back tomorrow morning for your first One-a-Day!


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