Attitude of the Heart One-a-Day Friday  5/5/23

A life worthy

But the Lord replied, “Have you any right to be angry?” (Jonah 4:4)

Leave it to God to get right to the heart of the issue.

I mean, seriously.  Who was Jonah to get so self-righteous and uptight?  I love the fact that God does not engage Jonah on the relative merits of the Ninevitian repentance, because that’s not the issue.

The issue is the nature of God.

Is God responsible to us?  Is he required to answer our questions or fulfill our expectations?

Or is he Lord of the Universe, Almighty God, creator and ruler of all, beholden to none?

How easily we forget.

And by “We,” I mean, you know…me.

Beloved, when it comes right down to it, we are a lot closer to the Ninevites’ level than to God’s.  If we really push for justice over grace, we will not be pleased with the outcome.

Trust me—if the Justice whale drops, we are all in the splash zone.

Happy Friday, Beloved.

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