Pedal to the Sea—Part Three

The trailer of despair

Note: This is, as you can read from the title, part three in a series.  If you’re just joining us, may I suggest that you go back and read parts one and two?

The unendurable teaches you endurance—or leaves you broken and weeping by the side of the road.

So, I forgot to replace the tubes on the trailer. Continue reading

Lessons Learned


Draining the motor oil out of an automobile as...

When you assume…

I have mentioned before that I’m not what you, or anyone you know, would call “handy.”  One of the problems that comes with being less than fully “ept” is that one tends to trust any man with coveralls or a tool belt to automatically know what he is doing.  I know I shouldn’t oughta, but I do. Last week I paid an annoying price and learned some valuable lessons. Continue reading

The Decider

The famous "The Buck Stops Here" sig...

The buck stops here.

I didn’t make that up, just so you know.  When I was a kid, I figured that phrase had to do with making money.  I thought, “Woohoo! That’s right—let the buck stop right here, Baby! In fact, make it lots and lots of bucks!”

I have since learned that the phrase has an entirely different—and less pleasant—meaning. Continue reading

Family Worship


Praying Hands

O.K., this time there will be no rabbit trails.  In my last post, I started to talk about our family’s worship experience, and I got distracted by the issue of sleep.

I love sleep.

Anyway, it is a bit ironic that I got distracted when I was talking about worship.  You see, my family always gets distracted when we attempt to worship. Continue reading