A Sinful, Broken World

Picture a Day June 2, 2011 - 36-Star Flag at H...

Note: Sometimes life just isn’t funny.

This isn’t a political blog, nor is it a “What’s new in the news?” blog.  It’s a blog about life, and about my struggle to live what Paul called, “A life worthy of the calling you have received.” Still, sometimes things happen in this world that not only need to be addressed, but that directly impact my quest.  So we talk about them. Continue reading

Call Me Cordelia


Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

This time, it’s a family adventure.  Of sorts.

If you’ve been reading for a while (bless you) you know that my family has gotten somewhat involved with a local community theater.  Carissa and I were part of their production of The Sound of Music, which sucked up our whole summer, and Carissa and Cathy got to be in Miracle on 34th Street, which sucked up our entire holiday season.  Alec and Carissa are learning to do tech, and, well, let’s just say the drive to the theater has become quite familiar.

Now cometh Anne of Green Gables, Continue reading

Plague Boy


There’s no use denying it—I am what I am.  For the last few days, I have hardly stirred from my big green chair.  I have slept, eaten, napped, read junk novels, snoozed, scrolled aimlessly through Facebook, slumbered, and slept.

I’ve been sick.

There are no spectacular symptoms I can point you to.  No raging fever, no projectile vomiting, no delirium—at least, none that I’ve noticed. I’m not bleeding, either internally or externally.  Neither pox nor pustules are in ready evidence.  I’m just totally wiped out.

Frankly, I almost wish I had some better symptoms. Continue reading

More On Dating

The Dating Game

Boy, that title could be problematic if you’re not careful…

As I was saying last Friday, Cathy and I have had some interesting dates in our time.


Kids and work and debt and mortgages and plain old inertia seem to have robbed us of something.  We don’t date anymore.  Oh, we go out to eat sometimes, if we have a coupon, Continue reading

Dates, Dumps, and Danger

Dumping Garbage at Croton Landfill Operation 0...

This place is a dump.

No, really.

I remember my first real date with Cathy.  It was the perfect evening.  We had dinner together at an exotic restaurant, then went for a romantic walk down a secluded woodland path.  We strolled along together, just the two of us, getting used to the feeling of her hand in mine and matching the length of our strides to each other’s.  We walked quietly, enjoying the excitement of love a’blossoming, drinking in the sounds of birds singing and the smell of—

Wait a minute.

What is that smell? Continue reading


You may have noticed that sometimes I get a little scattered.

My writing can be a bit…oh…hodgepodgey.  Looking back over the six months since I started this blog, I see that I have written about hiking, braces, car failures, home improvement nightmares, dogs, dates, worship, and my favorite chair, among other bits and bobs.

Sort of a digital stream of consciousness.

I thought it might be time to sort of remind you, and myself, exactly why I’m here.  Continue reading

The Gift of Time

Is my family cheap…or are we deep?

Both, I’m thinking.

At gift giving times—birthdays, Christmas, Arbor Day, etc.—my family often opts for presents involving experiences.  Not that we aren’t fond of stuff.  We love stuff, and judging by the amount we’ve accumulated over the years, stuff loves us.  I think it’s just that years of near-poverty and my own phobic response to clutter have rendered us open to more Continue reading

Exercise II—Tenement or Temple?

A bottle of 50 200mg Advil caplets

#17 on The List: Reclaim body from a year of neglect and failed exercise programs.

Not so much yet.

It’s not entirely my fault.  I didn’t overdo—I thought.  My plan called for a mix of the basics: pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and a short run.  The whole thing was designed to take maybe 30 minutes per day.  Totally doable. Continue reading