No Complaining One-a-Day Wednesday 4/21/21

A life worthy

Do everything without complaining… (Philippians 2:14)

Think about it–complaining is basically saying to God, “You’re doing this part wrong, Lord of the Universe.  I’m annoyed with the plan that you have for me, and I don’t really trust that you’ve got it all under control.”

I’m not a trained theologian, but I’m thinking that is not the best way to pursue one’s relationship with the Almighty.

Is Paul telling me that I can’t be frustrated when I don’t understand what’s happening and why it’s happening?  No…I’m pretty sure God understands frustration, and he wants us to be honest with him.

But complaining is more than just getting frustrated every once in a while.  Complaining is an attitude of the heart, and it brings you and everyone around you down.

So knock it off, you little whiner.

Oh, sorry–did I write that out loud?

Beloved, if you trust God, if you believe he is in control, if you know in your heart that he wants what’s best for you, then relax and let him do the God part.

You do the you part.

Which, frankly, is enough to keep us all busy, ya?

Happy Wednesday, Beloved.

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