Wise Counsel One-a-Day Tuesday 12/24/19

A life worthy

And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, (Isaiah 9:6)

There can be a lot in a name.  My name is Michael, which means, “Who is like God?”  I like that—it’s a constant reminder of the answer…Nobody. When I begin to get a little too big for my proverbial britches, my very name brings me back to Earth.

Jesus is named Wonderful Counselor.  Think about it—what does a counselor do?  I figure that a good counselor does three things—listens deeply, sees to the heart of the issue, and offers wisdom.   So, we serve a God who actually listens to us—and listens deeply. He doesn’t just pretend to listen to you while he is mentally planning out his day, the way I might.  He actually considers every word you speak—and every word you don’t.

Jesus also sees to the heart of your issue—after all, he knows you better than you do—remember Psalm 139?  You couldn’t hide the truth from him if you tried, so knock it off already.

Wisdom?  Uh…do I need to point out that his words are the very words of God?  Literally? Yeah, worth listening to.

You, my friend, have a Wonderful Counselor.  Walk in his wisdom today.

Happy Tuesday, Beloved.


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