Temporary One-a-Day Friday 3/8/19

A life worthy

…for you will not abandon me to the grave… (Psalm 16:10).

Assuming Jesus does not return first, one day you will die. Your heart, lungs, synapses and phalanges will all cease to function, and you will slowly begin to decompose, unless you die in a warm and moist climate, in which case you will rapidly decompose, unless your family has you embalmed, in which case you will slowly shrivel over time, locked in the darkness of the earth as your spirit wanders for all eternity.

Happy Friday, Beloved


That’s not true.

Oh, the part where you die might be true. And the part about your phalanges. But it won’t be for eternity.

God has promised you an eternity with him.

That eternity includes light and life and being in the presence of God forever.

Beloved, I don’t know exactly what happens when you die. None of us does. But I know that in Christ death has no victory, no sting.

You will not be abandoned; you will be welcomed home.

Now, Happy Friday Beloved

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