Stay With Me One-a-Day Tuesday 9/22/20

A life worthy

Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me (Psalm 51:11).


After all that he has done, after all the grief he has caused, in the face of all the consequences of his most heinous crimes, David has one thing going for him.

He has finally gotten his priorities straightened out.

I mean, I think I’m on safe theological ground if I say that David’s priorities were a little out of whack going into this.  Adultery, conspiracy, murder—not exactly in line with God’s truth. David was no longer content for the Lord to be his shepherd.  He wanted to be Captain of his own fate, Master of his own soul.

And look where it got him.


By the grace of God, David got his head and his heart straight.  He realized his true danger—and it wasn’t the danger of embarrassment, or losing his kingdom, or even being executed for his crimes.

The true danger was losing God’s presence in his life.

David realized that there is nothing, no thing, as valuable as knowing and being known by his Lord.  It is the one thing he was most terrified of losing.


Beloved, do you realize that, post-resurrection, we have the opportunity for a closer relationship with God than even David knew?

Live in that relationship today.  Take a few moments to simply be with Him.  Enjoy his presence. Fellowship with the Lord of the Universe.  Such is your right, your privilege, and your joy.

Because you are his Beloved.

Happy Tuesday

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