Sealed One-a-Day Wednesday 2/12/20

A life worthy

Having heard, you were marked in him with a seal… (Ephesians 1:13).

The Lord of Everything has claimed you as his own. He has marked you, making it clear to all the universe that you are his.

I gotta tell you, if we were talking about anyone else, we’d call that seriously creepy. I mean, if I told you that I tattooed my wife to show that she belonged to me, or had my kids branded…

But God is not like me.

Feel free to “Amen!” that.

God is not like man. He does not need to prove his power or establish his dominance. His seal protects us, it identifies us, it tells the darkness, “This one is mine. Hands off!” It’s like we’re wearing his ring, or his letterman jacket.

If you’ve had issues with people in your life who were possessive or dominating, then this analogy can make you understandably uncomfortable. But I remind you–God is not a man, insecure and needy and prone to bullying in an effort to control. He is the Lord of the Universe.

He is also the Lord of Love.

And, yes, the Lord of You.

Rejoice that you are his, and he is yours, and that is good.

Happy Wednesday, Beloved.

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