Mercy One-a-Day Monday 10/5/20

A life worthy

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy (Matthew 5:7).

I need mercy like you wouldn’t believe.

Well, maybe you would.

I mean, I’m not an axe-murderer or anything.  I’ve never run over an old lady while driving drunk in a car I stole from an orphanage. It’s just that I know what God requires, I know my heart, and I know that without the mercy of God I wouldn’t make it to my next breath.  So when I read this verse, I get really practical. Actually, I get a little mercenary. Or mercy-enary. I figure it like this: I give and I get.

As self-serving as that sounds, I think it makes me more merciful. When I see a need, I think of all the times I have needed mercy. And all the times I will.  And I’m more likely to give. I guess you could call it making a deposit in the mercy bank.

That is one account I never want to see overdrawn.

Think you might need mercy one of these days?

Then walk in mercy today, Beloved.

Happy Monday

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