Make Peace One-a-Day Wednesday 10/7/20

A life worthy

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9).

Jesus is a peacemaker.

Peace between God and Man.

Peace between Man and Man.

Peace that passes all understanding, yet guards our hearts and minds.

The world is not at peace this morning–just look at your news feed. Yet the Son of God is calling you to follow in his footsteps today. Take a good look at the day ahead of you.  What potential conflicts are waiting at work? What person will likely push your buttons and make you twitch? What raging interpersonal storms do you get to sail into?

These are all opportunities.

Oh, I know they don’t feel like opportunities.  Except perhaps opportunities to practice your stress management mantra and work on finding your Happy Place.  But they are, in fact, opportunities to walk as Jesus did—to be a peacemaker.

Will you take the opportunity today, Beloved?  Will you be a child of God? Will you stuff your pride and walk in grace and humility?

I know it’s hard.

Will you do it anyway?

Happy Wednesday, Beloved.

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