Holy One One-a-Day Monday 3/11/19

A life worthy

…nor will you let your Holy One see decay (Psalm 16:10b).

So, is David talking about himself here, or is he talking about Jesus?


Does that help?

As the anointed king, David was certainly the Holy One, set apart for God.

And, you know, good for him.

But ultimately this verse is speaking of the Christ, the One who would bust Death in the chops and stride out of the tomb under his own power.

I wonder how much David knew. I wonder how much God shared with him about the One who would come to fulfill the reign David had begun.

Maybe we’ll get to ask him one day.

Probably not today though.

For today, walk in the knowledge that he who destroyed Death has chosen you to be his Beloved. Death cannot have you,


because you are already His. Whatever today may bring–and it is Monday, after all–it’s nothing that can separate you from the love of God.

Happy Monday, Beloved

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