He Knows One-a-Day Tuesday    10/18/16

A life worthy


But as for me, I trust in you (Psalm 55:23b).

Last weekend, my son and I went camping.  The campsite was an old fire observation tower, 40 feet above the ground.  We were about 20 miles from anything resembling civilization, out on gut-busting dirt roads.  The final push to get to the site required a ¾ mile trek up a steep, winding, rutted, half-washed-out dirt road. The whole thing was a 4X4 paradise.

Except for the part where we were in a minivan, which made it less than paradisiacal.

In any event, we made it…extremely barely.

We had  two wonderful days of manly dad-son bonding time in our eyrie, which is great but not the point of this story.  The point came as we were preparing to leave.  Teensy, our minivan (What–you don’t name your cars?) was packed, the site was clean, the campfire was thoroughly out, and I turned the key to fire up the engine.


not vroom


not chugga-chugga-chugga…


I checked for obvious signs of damage–the ride up had been pretty traumatic to poor Teensy–and found none.  The obvious conclusion was that something had been accidentally left turned on, and the battery was dead.

May I remind you that we were pretty isolated?  In fact, aside from a few hunters, we hadn’t seen a soul in two days.  Certainly no one had ventured up the treacherous road and come near our tower.

We were oh-so-seriously-stuck.

And here comes the awesomeosity (thank you for being so patient).

At the very moment that my guts began to clench and my throat began to swell, before we had a chance to pray anything more eloquent than, “God…help!” we heard voices.  Around the bend of the road appeared a man, two children, and a dog. The man smiled, greeted us, and asked, “Do you need help?  I think I have jumper cables in my truck.”

Divine appointment? Ya, you betcha.  

Angelic visitation?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’ll finish this story tomorrow–I do have to get to work, after all.  The point for today is this:  While we were still eating our breakfast, long before we knew we even had a problem, God had a plan in motion to save us.  He knew the car wouldn’t start, and had Justin and his kids on their way up the mountain long before I ever turned the key.

Chew on that today.

Happy Tuesday, Beloved.

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