Guardian One-a-Day Thursday  12/14/17

A life worthy

Guard my life and rescue me; do not let me be put to shame, for I take refuge in you (Psalm 25:20).


Because I work so hard?


Because I know so much?

huh uh

Because I give my 10%?


Because I offer wise advice?

not so much

Because I have the Jumbo Study Bible with built in concordance?


Because, in the end, I’m such a groovy guy?


Because I’m his.  Hear that, Beloved. Because I’m his, I have the right to claim refuge in him, the right to run to him when I am in distress. Because I’m his I have confidence that the yuck will never get too deep, the mountains never too high, the stress never too much. You have a whole Thursday full of stuff to deal with today. Don’t be afraid to run to your Father and claim the shelter that is rightfully yours.

Because you are the Beloved of Christ.

Happy Thursday

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