God’s Will One-a-Day Friday 7/10/20

A life worthy

Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is (Eph. 5:17).

My wife, the Lovely Catherine, tells the story of seeing a church skit once upon a time. The skit involved a group of people trying to figure out God’s will in various difficult situations. From time to time, little notes would waft gently down from the rafters, telling the recipient exactly what God wanted from them.

That would be awesome.

It doesn’t work that way,


that would be awesome.

Beloved, may I be so bold as to say that I know God’s will for today?

Of course I may–it’s my blog.


That’s it. God wants to know and be known by the people he has created and fed and clothed and loved and lost and redeemed at the price of his Son. Those who are far from him, he wants to draw close. Those who are near to him, he wants to draw closer still, because unlike your Great Aunt Susie with the funky perfume, you can never get too close to God.

But Michael, God’s will is more complicated than that.

No, Beloved…it isn’t. If your actions today bring you and those in your world closer to the Father, then you are in his will. If they pull you farther away from him, you are being foolish.

Don’t be foolish. Life’s tough enough without that.

Happy Friday, Beloved.


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