Enemies One-a-Day Wednesday  12/13/17

A life worthy

See how my enemies have increased and how fiercely they hate me! (Psalm 25:19).

OK, so I don’t literally have people out to kill me.

To the best of my knowledge

Still, there are days when finances and job stress and finances and traffic idiots and finances and holiday shoppers and finances and house repairs and finances and car issues and finances leave me feeling that I am surrounded on all sides by people with bad attitudes and pointy sticks. Beyond that, I live in a society that is moving further and further away from the values that I hold and into a nether region of silliness and sin. It may not attack my body, but it daily attacks my sense of right and wrong.

Not to mention my logic

So, yeah, I can identify in a very small way with David’s plight here. Far more importantly, I can identify with David’s rescue. The Psalmist knew he would be saved, because he knew his savior.

As do I

As do you

Take a deep breath, Beloved of Christ.

Happy Wednesday

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