Crushed One-a-Day Thursday 9/17/20

A life worthy

Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice.  (Psalm 51:8).

Sin hurts.

See, that’s why you come here—the deep theological truths.

When you belong to Christ, you can’t live in sin.  OK, I guess you can, but it takes a serious toll.  That new heart of yours is designed to live in faithfulness; sin puts it under serious structural stress.

David is in sin as he writes these words.  That sin is weighing him down. It’s crushing him.  It has taken the joy and gladness from his life. David is crying out to God, asking God to forgive him and lift him out of this depression.

Whaddaya say, Beloved?  Are you in danger of violating the warranty on that new heart of yours?  Are you living in a way that you weren’t designed to live, and is sin robbing you of the joy and gladness of your life?  If so, I know how you can get free of the pain and reclaim your right relationship with God.

But then…so do you.

Happy Thursday, Beloved

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