Arguing One-a-Day Thursday 4/22/21

A life worthy

Do everything without complaining or arguing… (Philippians 2:14)

Remember, Paul’s talking to the Church here.  These are believers, Christ followers, ambassadors of hope in a really sad, perverse, messed-up world.

Kinda like ours.

Beloved, look at the news.

Look out the window.

This is a time to remember what unifies us, not what pulls us apart.  Yes, there are non-negotiables of the faith–the nature of God, and of Man, and of the Word–but they are comparatively few. Most of the things that separate us are not essential to the core of life with Christ.  And while we bicker, the world is blown further and further from the Truth.

As an old pastor of mine would say, there are elephants and there are peanuts.  Deal with the elephants, and don’t worry about the peanuts.

Happy Thursday, Beloved

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